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We have the great privilege to invite you for a Security Seminar with Brin Morgan.

This event will take place on 23th and 24th of October 2018 at Fitland Mill, Hoogveldseweg 1, 5451 AA Mill, Netherlands. Supported by: www.fitland.nl, www.jema-coaching.nl, www.DLS4U.nl and www.safetyfirsttraining.biz.

This seminar is for:  Police, Military Police and other rural services  Security, Intervention teams and Body Guards  Instructors Hazard Control, Security based Martial Arts instructors!

PROGRAM: DAY 1: Basic level: Arrest techniques for professionals in security  Primal response techniques  Locks, hand locks, holds  Arrest Techniques  Techniques team for physical de-escalation  Use of handcuffs  Working in teams DAY 2: Basic level: Working together for professionals in security  Teambuilding programm  Clearing rooms in urban situations  Arrest round cars  Use of handcuffs  Working in teams  Certification Basic level DAY 1: Intermediate level: Arrest and security for police and bodyguards  Locks, hand locks, holds  Clearing rooms in urban situation  Bomb checking a vehicle  Arrest round cars scenarios outdoor with driving  Use of handcuffs  Working in teams DAY 2: Intermediate level: VIP protection police and bodyguards  Discussing the advance team in body guarding  Bodyguard formation tactics in buildings  VIP protection around cars  VIP protection in urban situations  Advance team-VIP team- Undercover team  Working in teams  Exams  Certification Intermediate level


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